Thursday, January 16, 2014

Big Bad

What if the villain of your fairy tale was not what he was made out to be? The truth behind the fiction.

Bill “Big Bad” Wolf has been in law-enforcement since the beginning. The moniker “Big Bad” only applies to him if you are a criminal and he has your scent. 

He was a housing inspector in the early days. His first big investigation was to check the safety of the constructions of the Three Little Pigs. The word on the street was that they were not following building code as was evidenced by Mr. Wolf’s investigations; two of their buildings were structurally unsound. The corrupt contractors put up a substantial resistance but through the persistent efforts of Mr. Wolf they were finally brought to justice.

Years later, Little Red Riding Hood was the last case Mr. Wolf worked before his retirement from the DEA. She was a mule smuggling drugs to her “Granny” and her waifish looks (she was 33) helped hide the dark sinister cartel she belonged to. No one suspected her except for Mr. Wolf who asked himself, “why would a 12-year old regularly travel so far off the beaten path deep into the woods?” Things did not add up so he investigated. Mr. Wolf had things under control but someone had tipped off Red. She brought in the enforcer known as “The Woodcutter”.  All in all Mr Wolf managed to take out “The Granny” but not without severe bodily harm to himself. Though Red and The Woodcutter escaped, Mr Wolf saved many lives that day.

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